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                                                                  Elizabeth Haydon began her publishing                                                                            career as a  production editor while still                                                                     in  college,  working in a  publishing house                                                                       that produced professional journals in the health  care, library, medical and social work fields. She moved into trade publishing soon thereafter and had the good fortune to edit a delightful variety of novels, encyclopedia, cookbooks, poetry and non-fiction. She graduated to educational publishing as a young wife and mother, rising in the ranks to produce, edit, and write over four hundred educational texts while developing curriculum for schools and adult literacy programs. She has written over 30 children's books, eight novels set in the Adirondack region of New York State, 55 self-help and non-fiction books, and the Young Adult fantasy series The Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme, published by Tor/Starscape and set in the same universe as The Symphony of Ages series. Her stories are featured in a number of anthologies, including Emerald Magic: Tales of Irish Fantasy, edited by Andrew Greeley [The Merrow], and Legends II, edited by Robert Silverberg [Threshold].

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