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At Last:


Holcombe, Southwest Library Review

paradox, answers every hanging question, and provides a heart-stopping and supremely satisfying end to one of the most iconic fantasy series of the twenty-first century.  Haydon's sumptuous writing, parsed with humor and horror, suspense and musical lore, is a feast for the eyes, the emotions, the senses, and a celebration for those who crave an epic fantasy that hits all the historical and emotional highs and lows, tying up the plot perfectly."        

The Symphony of Ages series


" USA Today Bestselling                                                           fantasy author Elizabeth                                                       Haydon's masterwork, The                                                           Symphony of Ages series,                                                             thunders to a magnificent                                                           conclusion in The Weaver's                                                         Lament. This long-awaited                                                           volume ties up every                                                                           

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At Last:

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